Central 47

Central 47

A Tower is a building which surpasses the Great Wall of China. Currently, there are 60 scattered around the world. They are approximately 130 meters in height, built for the purpose of ensuring stability of the W Energy and the observation of the coils. All the Towers are in Dimension W's territory inter density and they cover the entire planet three dimensionally. The Independent Administration Board, which surrounds these towers, are referred to as "Central". Built for the workers at New Tesla, they also act as forts which politically protect the tower. Each Central plans and manages their respective areas in accordance with the area's particular situation and culture. For instance, a Central located on the ocean is almost uninhabited while Central located in disputed areas are designed to prevent any individual from coming near them. The "Central 47" which is located in Japan has renounced their right to dictate their own "education" and "self-defense" affairs for a greater land under their control and all other freedoms. It is a rare city type self-governing region due to its degree of safety in relation to the fact that it has the most prosperous high population.

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