Mira Yurizaki
Mira Yurizaki
Kanji 百合崎・ミラ
Rōmaji Yurizaki Mira
Race Android
Status Alive
Gender Female
Hair Color Light Green
Eye Color Light Green
Relatives Shidou Yurizaki (father)

Seira Yurizaki (mother)
Ichigo Yurizaki (older sister)

Professional Status
Occupation Recovery Man
Affiliation Recovery House
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor
Japanese Reina Ueda
English Jād Saxton

Mira Yurizaki (百合崎・ミラ Yurizaki Mira?) is an Android made by Seira and Shidou Yurizaki and the newest member of the Recovery House where she works as the partner of Kyōma Mabuchi.


Mira Outfit

Mira's outfit

Mira has light green cybernetic eyes and short light green hair with two purple bangs at the front. At the top of each bang are red, goggle-shaped sensors with a small wing on each, which Mira frequently insists are hairpins, despite the fact they move. The outlet for her coil is situated on her chest, where her heart would be. Her outfit changes over the course of the series, but it usually has a color scheme of pink, red, white, black, purple and pale yellow. Underneath it all, she wears pink underwear. Her most distinguishing feature, however, is a cat-like tail resembling an amplifier cord, which allows her to interface with other coil-driven technology.


Unlike other Androids, Mira is the only known android built with complete brain components, giving her the personality of a young woman. Mira considers herself a person and often gets annoyed whenever Kyōma calls her a robot or "piece of junk."


Kyōma MabuchiEdit

Although the two are partners, their friendship is one-sided due to Kyōma's distrust of coil-driven technology. Despite this, she cherishes their partnership and does her best to help him on missions. After the Easter Island incident, Kyoma demonstrates much more hospitable attitude towards Mira after confronting his past and is shown to be protective of her. Mira is also implied to be falling in love with Kyoma.


She was born 2 years ago, on the day before Seira and Ichigo were killed. She witnessed the attack and is the only one who knows the identity of the killers.


Being an android, Mira is physically stronger and tougher than the average human, able to toss a full-grown man across a room with minimal effort and lift and carry hundreds of pounds of furniture with relative ease, as well as survive being crushed and even decapitated by a falling pile of cars with only minor discomfort. She is incredibly agile, able to leap great distances across rooftops and cover lots of ground in short spans of time. However, unlike Four or Lwai, she is not very skilled in physical combat and is currently undergoing martial arts training.

Her tail allows her to interface with other coil-driven machinery. Following the Easter Island arc, she is now powered by the Double coil.

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