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Original Air date January 17, 2016 (Japan), March 5, 2016 (Toonami)
Kanji ルーザー
Rōmaji rūzā
BluRay Volume Volume 1
Opening Genesis
Ending Contrast
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Loser (ルーザー, rūzā), is the second episode of the Dimension W anime adaption. It originally aired on January 17, 2016.

Overview Edit

After the analysis of Mira is completed, the Recovery House accepts her request as an official enlisted collector. On the condition that Kyōma is her partner. Together, they head to a nearby event, where a well known thief known as "Loser" is due to make an appearance. On the suspicion that they are operating with illegal coils, the duo try to confront the villain. But will things go as smoothly as they should? Or are our heroes about to stumble onto another conspiracy theory...

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